Undergraduate STRIVE:

Students Transforming Rice Into a Violence-Free Environment

STRIVE Coalition is a dedicated group of students who have come together to address sexual and domestic violence on campus. The Coalition is made up of an executive board, STRIVE liaisons to colleges, STRIVE liaisons to graduate programs, STRIVE representatives in a variety of student groups, and volunteers. The Coalition is advised by The SAFE Office.    


We envision a world that is free from inequality and violence, where every person experiences sexuality and relationships in healthy and positive ways.


STRIVE is a student-driven coalition that empowers all members of the Rice community to play an active role in eliminating gender-based inequality and sexual violence. 
We do this by:
- Engaging in positive, open dialogue 
- Pooling on and off-campus resources 
- Providing the tools and skills necessary to create cultural change 

STRIVE Liaisons     

Liaisons both to the colleges and the graduate programs are specially trained students who host prevention activities and seek to support students by providing information about resources available on and off campus.  

Graduate STRIVE:

If you would like to learn more about the Graduate STRIVE Liaison program or speak to a liaison, visit our page or contact us by email at STRIVEgradliaisons@gmail.com

Social Media:

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