The Rice University community strongly believes in the "culture of care", meaning that we treat each other with dignity and respect, including in sexual and romantic relationships.

It is important to us at Rice University that we set the bar higher than the legal definition of consent. We ask our students engaging in sexual relationships to set that bar higher by engaging in healthy, enjoyable sexual relationships in ways that it is clear all partners are enthusiastically involved in each activity that is occurring.

Rice University defines consent as "active, ongoing, voluntary agreement between all partners to participate in an activity communicated by clear actions or words."

Giving and getting consent shouldn't be confusing. Make sure your partner is:

  • saying yes and actively showing they are enjoying themselves through their actions and words
  • alert, aware, and cognitively able to make a decision
  • old enough (17 years or older in the state of Texas) 

It is your responsibility to make sure your partner is giving full consent throughout any interaction. If you're not sure; stop, step back, and ask.