Options for Support

Rice encourages any student who has experienced an incident of sexual violence, relationship violence, or other interpersonal violence to seek support. There are many options available both on and off campus for all graduate and undergraduate students, regardless of whether the perpetrator was a fellow student, a staff or faculty member, or someone not affiliated with the university. Rice faculty and staff who are looking for support and options can find more information here.

Students should be aware when seeking support on campus that most employees are required by Title IX to disclose all incidents of non-consensual interpersonal behaviors to professionals on campus who can act to support that student and meet their needs. The therapists at the Rice Counseling Center and the doctors at Student Health Services are confidential, meaning that Rice will not be informed about the incident if a student discloses to one of these Rice staff members; all other Rice staff and faculty are required to inform the university's Title IX personnel. Rice prioritizes student privacy and safety, and only shares disclosed information on a need-to-know basis.

Navigation Support

Rice offers many support options on campus for students to process their experiences and get help. The staff at The SAFE Office are available to listen to and talk with students, to help them understand their options for reporting and getting support both on and off campus, and to help them address needs and concerns that affect their education or their safety.        

The SAFE Office offers assistance with:

  • Emotional support
  • Education on healthy relationships, consent, and interpersonal violence dynamics
  • Safety planning
  • Information on reporting options
  • Accompaniments to appointments
  • Assistance with Interim Supportive Measures
  • Referrals to on and off campus resources
  • Navigation support for reporting students in Title IX related SJP cases

All services are provided at no cost to the student. 

The SAFE Office: Interpersonal Misconduct Prevention and Support
x. 3311 (713) 348-3311 (24/7)

Confidential Counseling and Medical Support

Confidential support is available on campus so that you can discuss what happened to you with a supportive person without anyone else knowing. If you disclose an incident of sexual misconduct or relationship violence to one of these on-campus services in the course of your counseling or medical appointment, the information will not be shared with anyone else.

Rice Counseling Center
x. 3311 (24/7) (713) 348-3311 (24/7)
Student Health Services
x. 4966 (713) 348-4966
HAWC is an off-campus resource that provides confidential support to men, women, and children who experience sexual or domestic violence. Services include 24/7 hotlines, shelter, individual and group counseling, housing assistance, court services for children, and hospital accompaniment. 713.528.2121
The Montrose Center is an off-campus resource that provides behavioral health services specifically to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Services include domestic and sexual violence therapy, support groups, case management, and hospital and police accompaniment. 713.529.3211

In addition to the offices listed above, Rice encourages students to talk with any person they trust to get support.