CTIS Workshop

Rice University is dedicated to the wellbeing of our students. Rice's mission of a “culture of care” includes providing a violence-free environment. Building upon the wishes of our students, the University has created a workshop to address the dynamics of sexual and domestic violence, consent, the norms that perpetuate violence in our society, and bystander intervention called the CTIS Workshop.

This mandatory 5 week-50 minute workshop is taken by all Freshman and entering undergraduates. The workshop is held at the start of the semester and is designed to be an interactive way to build healthy relationships and prevent interpersonal violence.

Critical Thinking in Sexuality LPAP

For students wishing to expand their knowledge of healthy relationships and interpersonal violence, the University also offers an optional LPAP which is a full 1 credit course and includes expanded topics such as STI and pregnancy prevention, pornography, human trafficking, rape culture/media and special topics in the LGBT communities.

During Orientation, students will have the opportunity to sign up for either the CTIS Workshop or the LPAP.

Any questions regarding content should be directed to the SAFE Office at titleixsupport@rice.edu.